TodaysMeet in the Classroom

This week I started my new position with the Mexico Public Schools #59 district.  My new title is the Instructional Technology Facilitator for grades Pre-K-12.  To say this is an exciting time for me would be an understatement.  However, I am still a little lost not getting a classroom and new resources ready for the new school year.  You see, this will be my 1st year, without my own classroom, in 16 years.  I will truly miss my 16 years as a 4th grade eMINTS teacher, but am so looking forward to supporting the teachers in this school district.  What a way to reach more than 25 students each year, right?

This week, I gave my 1st official presentation to the awesome new teachers of this district.  The presentation was towards the end of the week.  These new professionals were completing a very informational-packed week, and I wanted to provide them with a resource that was simple to use and easily adaptable to any grade level and/or content area.  I chose the FANTABULOUS tool, TodaysMeet.

TodaysMeet is a free web tool that allows back-channeling opportunities, real-time, online conversations that occur during an activity or event, within the classroom or other setting.  Did I mention it is free?  Did I also mention you do not have to have an account to use this awesome tool? (Although, signing up, for free, does allow you to have more use options.)

Intrigued?  Let’s get started. (Click on this link for a short tutorial on logging in, and getting started with TodaysMeet) :


Like it?  Here are just a few ideas for TodaysMeet uses:

  • during whole staff PD or meetings
  • during whole class discussions
  • during videos/movies regarding curricular content
  • during read alouds (reinforcing reading strategies)
  • during book clubs
  • as a formative /check for understanding opportunity (exit tickets)
  • collaborative piece/documentation for group projects/work
  • ongoing reflections
  • real-time collaborative piece b/w teacher and students or student groups for content practice

Do you have any additional ideas?  Please share in the comments below.  I hope you found this tool useful!



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