Please Let Me Share More!!!

OK, so I’m doing this 30 day blogging challenge to encourage reflective teaching, through TeachThought, and it did a very bad thing.  It asked me to choose 1, only 1!, technology resource I hope to use and what use I envision it having in my classroom.  Those that read my post know I chose Edpuzzle.  You can read my last post to understand why this particular resource was chosen.  But there are so many others I want to mention that I find very helpful in engaging and pushing even my reluctant learners.

Presentations: Educreations, PowToon, Haiku Deck, Prezi, Glogster, Thinglink, BitStrips, GoAnimate

Checking for Understanding: TodaysMeet, Socrative, Padlet 

Collaboration:  Google Drive (any app associated with this), Google Hangouts, Skype, Anymeeting

Audio/Podcasts:  Vocaroo, Voicethread, AudioBoo

Organization:  Diigo, Symbaloo,

Information Sharing: Google Classroom, Edmodo, Kidblog

I know these don’t even hit the surface of what is out there, but these are resources that I find myself using quite a bit.  I would love to hear of others.  Please share.

I will share a list of resources I use during Daily 5, small reading and writing groups.


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