Fun Formative Assessment…KAHOOT!

It’s rare when you happen upon a web resource that is so versatile, all students, young and old alike, will LOVE using it.  KAHOOT is a Web 2.0 tool that can be used in the kindergarten classroom, clear through collegiate classes.  It’s colorful format, along with the timing and point-awarding factor, make this a highly engaging resource when checking student content understanding or reviewing for tests.  This is a free tool that can be utilized with computer and mobile devices.  Not a 1:1 classroom?  No worries!  Break out those Kagan Cooperative Learning strategies, Heads Together, Boss, Secretary, etc and use with small groups.  Here’s how it works:

  • Teacher will create a free membership at Kahoot.  (this is different from the site students enter to play)
  • Teacher will either create a new Kahoot or search for Kahoots already created and shared through the public Kahoot tab at top of the page.
  • If the teacher wishes to create their own, they would choose whether they wanted to create a Quiz, Survey, or Discussion.
  • Once the type of formative assessment is selected, the teacher begins adding their checking for understanding/review questions.
  • The teacher will have a choice between adding text type questions, inserting images, or uploading videos to use for question prompts.
  • The teacher will include answer choices (multiple choice) including the correct answer.
  • The teacher will also have an option to award points and determine time allotted for each question.
  • Once the questions have been created, the teacher will be given a GamePin.  This will connect the students to the interactive quiz.
  • To access the quiz, the students will go to the Kahoot site, enter the GamePin, and get ready to play!


What makes this so engaging for students?  The immediate feedback for each question.  The students are awarded points depending on if they answered the questions correctly and how quickly they answered.  What makes this so beneficial for teachers?  It allows teachers an opportunity to see exactly where their students understanding lies within the content.  By having each student/team actively login to the game, via the GamePin, the teacher has an idea of where holes in content understanding occur.  Not only will teachers have an opportunity to access which students answered correctly and the fastest, but a breakdown of specific questions/student response is available.  Want to use in a kindergarten classroom or with students who need visual/language support?  Kahoot uses color and shape visuals for their answer choices.

What an opportunity for reteaching either through whole class, small group, or one-to-one conferencing.  By utilizing this formative assessment tool, teachers can collect information to help guide their instruction that students will actually enjoy.  Below is a  video tutorial on how to get started, create, and assess using Kahoot.  As always please leave a comment and share any ideas/suggestions for Kahoot use.



4 thoughts on “Fun Formative Assessment…KAHOOT!

  1. Very cool APP. I have started to use Kahoot and the students love it. Great way to start class, end class, or even quiz/test. Could be used as a formative assessment or even a summative one.

    • Have you ever let your students create quizzes?? Great way to gauge if they truly “get’ the content and can distinguish the important from the interesting info!!

  2. My kids love Kahoot! It never fails to have them engaged and when I pull up the report at the end I can see what kids missed what question and it is immediately obvious if multiple students missed the same question that it is something we need to go back over. I would recommend it!

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