Soo Many to Choose From!

This Day 2 blogging challenge is a tough one.  The prompt asks for us to pick one piece of technology we are wanting to utilize and what we hope to gain from the integration.  I CAN”T PICK JUST ONE!!! There are so many to choose from.  Google Classroom, the new and improved Google Drive, QR Codes, chrome books, iPads, podcasting/vodcasting, the list goes on!  I mean, if you really stop and think about it, the resources available, to increase engagement and learning, are overwhelming!  While preparing for a summer workshop I presented, I found a resource, the Pedagogy Wheel of Apps, via Edudemic, that nearly drove me insane!  I had to try each and everyone!  However, I have stumbled across a resource I am determined to utilize, Edpuzzle.

Educreations has been a resource that has allowed me to move from a traditional math instructional model, to that of the flipped learning approach.  Using Educreations on my iPad, I have been able to present new math content and provide modeling.  Uploading images and videos from the web, to assist in my teaching, was, at the time, the best opportunity for me to flip my instruction.  However, through Twitter, I was introduced to Edpuzzle.  This is  another resource that will allow for presentation of content in my flipped instruction.  While I am not an expert of this resource yet, what has drawn me to this is the ability to embed short quizzes within the lesson.  What an opportunity to check for understanding.  While I do have my students complete tasks to check for understanding using other resources mentioned, I am excited about the possibilities this resource holds for my instruction.

Anyone familiar with this resource???

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