Hello Out There!

Can I just begin by saying how very STRESSFUL it is to create an initial blog?  Which theme do I use?  Should I make it “fun” to fit my personality, or serious to present a more professional feel?  Do you know how many themes I tried? (and yes, this is the theme I chose!) Then,  how do I begin?  Do I post, up front, my hopes and dreams for this blog, or just let it unravel gradually?  For those that know me, this is pretty daunting stuff…

So, what I have decided, is to just “go with it”.  This blog will “be what it is”.  It is my hope and dream to share my journey as I strive to totally transform my teaching.  I will no doubt have questions, be confused, and provide thoughts and ideas as to how I am working towards becoming a 21st century educator worthy of my 21st century students.  I am no expert.  I am just a classroom teacher who is constantly trying to better my understandings and practices within the educational field.

I would absolutely LOVE the following and support! Until our next conversation…


One thought on “Hello Out There!

  1. Love this! We are missing out–big time. Please keep sending these to me–like I said earlier in the summer, I miss you already! You are going to do an amazing job!

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